Upcoming features from the July 13 patch
Tuesday 13th of July 2021

The legendary armory and the Marionette are here. I've included the flavor texts that should popup once you unlock a legendary (sadly it doesn't show on the automatically converted items today) but we still have to figure out which one belongs to which.




Glider and Backpack
2441715_0084Archdemon Chest
2441711_0101Archdemon Wings Backpack and Glider Combo
[&Cj0nAAA=]Archdemon Wings Backpack
2441711_0465Archdemon Wings Glider
Armor Skin
[&AgGXcwEAAA==]Ghost of the Deep Spaulders Skin
Weapon Skin
[&AgF+cwEAAA==]Devil-Rending Axe
[&AgFhcwEA]Energy Regulator Cog
2440977_0117Jagged Twisted Watchwork Scrap
2440984_1016Resplendent Watchwork Box
2441707_0965Marionette Chest
Legendary Rewards
2467978_0339Legendary Eternal Coffer
2461331_0786Legendary Coffer
2461331_0709Double-click to open. Choose a first-generation weapon, trinket, or backpiece to be placed in your Legendary Armory.
2441699_0583Commander, In the process of setting up your Legendary Armory, this item was unable to return to your inventory. Please ensure that you have the free inventory space to reclaim it. If it is in excess of what the armory allows, please contact Customer Service to exchange it.
2441689_0435Items unlocked in your Legendary Armory are available for all of your characters. They can be found in the Equipment tab of your Hero panel, alongside all of your other equipment.
2441689_0586Add -- to your Legendary Armory? This will consume the item so it can be used on any character on your account.
2441689_0930Add to Legendary Armory
2441690_0086Could not add item to Legendary Armory.
2441690_0218You are about to permanently destroy --, of which you have unlocked the maximum quantity for the Legendary Armory. Enter the item's name below to confirm before destroying.
2441690_0484You are about to permanently destroy --, which can be placed in the Legendary Armory. Enter the item's name below to confirm before destroying.
2441690_0560If this item is already bound to your account and you have not received a replacement box, please contact Customer Support.
2441694_0246Legendary Armory: Available (--), Unlocked (--)
2441707_0663Equip from Legendary Armory
2441707_0759Equip from Armory...
2441709_0261You cannot unlock any more of this item in your Legendary Armory.
2441709_0593You can unlock -- more of this item in your Legendary Armory.
Legendary Flavor
2441700_0364"I believe that sigils contain fragments, or memories, from the greatest battles in Tyria's history," Lady Nari wrote. "This one may be our only window into the Battle of the Three Queens."
2441701_0920"I know this isn't the path you'd have chosen for yourself—but the Flame Legion isn't just your home now; it is my gift to you. Keep this dagger close and never forget who you are: Nonius Ragesinger."
2441700_0570"I've studied the krait for some time, but never have I seen anything else quite like that. One of their shamans performed a ritual on one of their dead—undeniably dead—and it was living once again!"
2441701_0264"Remember: the blue stuff is the Alchemical Catalyst, and the red stuff is the Transcendent Energy. Don't drink either of them. And whatever you do, don't drop this thing."
2441700_0201"The Flameseeker Prophecies" is an ancient tome containing near-complete proclamations of the future as foreseen by the dragon Glint. The final chapter is intentionally left unwritten...
2441702_0078"They killed him. Balthazar. If Lyssa ever learns of this...I don't know what she'd do—what any of them would do. They still claim benevolence, but let's hope they weren't watching too closely."
2441701_0682A handful of warriors know what it's like to bask in the effervescent glow of a fresh victory—sweat dripping from their brow, voice raw. Only the bravest ascend to such glory.
2441700_0069A historian once wrote of a great beast that lurked off the coast of Orr—possibly a living Champion of Zhaitan. Although she hasn't been seen for a century past, her kin still roam the dark waters.
2441700_0764A norn ballad recounts a quarrel between the Great Wolf and a serpent who sought to become a Spirit of the Wild: O little snake, do you have what it takes? Howl, howl—open the gate.
2441700_0673A relic dating back to the age of the Giganticus Lupicus, the Juggernaut may be a gift from the gods. When held by a worthy champion, they are cast in a solid sheet of quicksilver.
2441699_0453A symbol of cunning and patience, this garb carries power siphoned from a mysterious beast guarding the Forsaken Thicket. They seem to pulsate, albeit gently, when nearing a ley line.
2441701_1019Although the gods have abandoned Tyria, their gifts remain. The oceans and land. The verdant forests, the limitless cosmos beyond—the ultimate love letter to the living, but also a solemn good-bye.
2441700_0251Although the vast, impenetrable Unending Ocean has been left unexplored for a century past, fishermen lingering just outside the expanse often catch glimpses of something magnificent.
2441699_0741As Zhaitan's influence grew, the Vigil raced to the site of Kryta's greatest maritime tragedy on an improbable mission. The HMS Divinity's long-dead crew—shackled to their ship as it sank—were all recovered.
2441699_0377Cast in the likeness of Forge Ironstrike, this rifle was crafted as a tribute to his battle against the Flame Imperator. When Kalla fell in the Plains of Golghein, Ironstrike silenced the traitor.
2441701_0636Casters and archivists alike worship the iridescent glow that the Bifrost emits. Although the source of its magic is unknown, its luminous aura may hint of realms bygone—tucked away in the Mists.
2441701_0082Congrats! Bound legendary items on this character and account bank were automatically converted to unlocks in the Legendary Armory. Now you can enjoy using them across all characters on your account.
2441699_0539Crafted from the finest silks, these vestments are a symbol not only of sheer strength but also quick-witted bravery and grit. They know their way around the streets of Kyhlo here and back again.
2441699_0471Dare this historian say, the Moot should only be brandished by the most charismatic of warriors. When drawn, your foe may be blinded by its grandiose display of light and splendor.
2441701_0739Eureka was the pride and downfall of a rogue Priory research team who set out to reactivate obsidian shards sampled from ancient armor. Paired with magitech, the material assumed a deadlier form.
2441699_0803Explorers venture into the Mists, and sometimes the Mists venture back. Though far less sentient than the Mist-being Razah, Exordium takes some joy in adapting to its wielder's needs and expectations.
2441699_0459He could hear his opponents nearing as he stood before Utahein, whose nostrils flared at the tinge of blood that wafted through the air. He had one chance to do this right.
2441702_0017Hlif traveled to the Far Shiverpeaks to challenge Jormag. Near death, she took one last swing at her foe before falling unconscious. She awoke the next morning—her axe encased in an icy dragon's head.
2441701_0006Hylek of the Astrozintli Forelands revere the life serpent Xiuquatl. While it's too small and gentle to be their savior, those traits make it Tequatl's perfect opposite—and a potent symbol of hope.
2441701_0323In lieu of written records, some temples of Balthazar kept elaborate weapons depicting the rituals they were used in. Few survived Balthazar's fall, and many were immolated by his loyalist priests.
2441699_0734Interwoven with an impression of a dragon whose name Tyria has yet to learn, Bolt is imbued with the strength of a storm—swelling inside like a thunderous inferno, eager to aid its wielder in combat.
2441699_0806It is said that when Dwayna woke each morning, she gifted her followers with the warmth of dawn. All of the creatures in Tyria stirred from their slumber to witness the glorious sunrise.
2441699_0772Lady Nari once wrote that runes are imbued with the memories of ancient warriors and that the effects they grant are remnants of their power.
2441700_0654Log 18204: Losing transmissionsomething went wrong_I'm_stranded. I'm stuck in_Fractal. Floating. The whole island is_floating. Call themselves_Forgotten. Trees. I see_someone_? Can you hear_me?
2441700_0306Meteorlogicus was designed by a sylvari astrologer, Surya—a love letter to the sky. She once used the orrery to trace a thunderous cloud that lurked on the horizon. She knew then: a dragon had awoken.
2441701_0113Nevermore is a living reminder that there's always a purpose to Raven's riddles and tests. When you're mired in despair, lost for answers, he pushes because he knows you can fly.
2441701_0657Scholars discovered Pharus in Siren's Reef. All attempts to store and catalog it have failed; if not carried by a hero, it reappears at Dwayna's Reliquary among the other artifacts.
2441701_0674Sharur was retrieved from among the spectral weapons guarding the Source of Orr. Though its lingering corruption is aimless and benign, not even the Artesian Waters could fully cleanse it.
2441699_0704Sunsmith Ouissal dreamed she gifted an exquisite axe to a woman with skin like the star-kissed sky above the Astralarium. She woke and ran to her workbench, a delighted laugh lingering in her memory.
2441700_0349Thanks to their bond with you, someday Nola, Halkor, and Brill will be magnificent tigers, facing the world with dignity and wisdom. For now, their paws are far too big for them.
2441699_0361The amulet was a sight to behold, swinging back and forth while the warrior perfected the swing of her sword. She was a champion—onlookers bowed as they passed, but her attention was elsewhere.
2441700_0392The Binding of Ipos is as mystifying as it is venomous, dripping with ancient knowledge. Any warrior brave enough to carry this tome will be gifted with millennia of sinister magics.
2441700_0508The Dreamer is as mystifying as it is perplexing, for such a creature doesn't exist within the known world. It is quite popular among the skritt, though, who idolize its colorful...prowess.
2441701_0542The Minstrel is a bard's dearest companion, a vessel of their spirit and artistry. Delicate notes fade in the wielder's wake, leaving passersby with a gentle whisper of their vestige.
2441700_0652The most renowned thief in Kryta had a couple calling cards—drove the Lionguard mad. She always left two things behind: a trail of confetti and a note that read "I can run faster than a centaur!"
2441699_0769The ring was fixed on his left hand, a reminder of the battle days before. While they held Stonemist, it could be minutes until their enemy appeared at the front gate. There was no time for mourning.
2441700_0017The tiny quaggan Shooshadoo has made up their mind to follow in your footsteps as a champion of Tyria. You'll need to carry them until their stride is a bit longer.
2441699_0366These vestments are imbued with the power of a crystalline heart, once carried through an abandoned prison to its final resting place. It is exemplary of the wearer's tenacity in the face of darkness.
2441701_0226They walked through the Underworld, dove straight into the Mystic Forge. They crossed through the long-forgotten halls of Ahdashim—such feats would be cast in gold and told to awe-struck children.
2441699_0648This ancient charr relic has served as an apparatus of revolution, a key to power, and a symbol of stability. The Claw of the Khan-Ur is reforged with every great feat its wielders accomplish.
2441699_0343This armor is worn only by those who helped defeat Xera and silence the White Mantle in the depths of the Forsaken Thicket. When it catches the sun just right, it is a beacon of hope in a cruel world.
2441700_0304This exquisite scholarly garb shimmers with Mist energy. When you wear it through ruins and unguarded keeps, sometimes you're haunted by nostalgia.
2441700_0007This garb is the perfect blend of lightweight and sturdy, ideal for the sneakiest saboteur. Their enemies may cry foul play, but I assure you, only the those with a swift foot possess such finery.
2441701_0364This garb is the perfect blend of lightweight and sturdy, ideal for the sneakiest saboteur. Their enemies may cry foul play, but I assure you, only those with a swift foot possess such finery.
2441699_0339This powerful soldier's armor pulses with Mist energy. When you wear it on the upper floor of Stonemist Castle, sometimes your chest aches with pride and agony.
2441699_0785This sturdy adventuring suit glows with Mist energy. When you wear it inside Obsidian Sanctum, sometimes you catch yourself longing for a forbidden reunion.
2441699_0584This suit of armor is melded from the helms of the wearer's opponents, a reminder of the battles won. There's something bittersweet about the way it smells—like clashing swords and sweaty palms.
2441701_0588To its namesake faction, the Shining Blade is more an old friend than an ancient Seer artifact. Its historical codenames include "the family heirloom," "that old thing," and "Gran's best knife."
2441701_0149Warbringer is made from the salvaged remnants of enemies fallen, emblazoned with swords and spears pulled from still-warm corpses. It is a reminder of battles won and lost—whispers of victory.
2441700_0659When Cutha woke, he was greeted by sounds of panic and flame. He ran to the window just in time to witness a dragon perch on a nearby rooftop. "Rodgort," they whispered. "Rodgort is my name."
2441702_0140When Grenth's powers were raw and new, he crafted a weapon more sinister than he intended. Verdarach summons victims of horrific battles as vengeful wraiths, eager to conscript the newly slain.
2441700_0969When Mordremoth's power seeped into the earth, some sought to harness it, control it—bringing forth new dangers. Heroes faced those enemies head-on with a spark of bravery and a warrior's might.
2441701_0614When Secondborn Lonicera sacrificed herself to protect the Pale Tree, a small root sprung from the ground where she breathed her final breath. That root took the shape of a mighty bow.
2441699_1004While the other gods slept, Grenth took up his throne—beckoning his companions to dance and howl beneath the stars. It was said that his powers were most potent when the moon was highest in the sky.
2441699_0541With wounds still fresh, the illusionist sat at the edge of the arena—weak, panting. Little did she know, she was about to be named champion.