Upcoming features from the November 19 patch
Tuesday 19th of November 2019

Episode 1 is here.



[&AgHsaAEAAA==]Infernal Horror Springer Skin
Shiverpeaks Hunter
[no code]Shiverpeaks Hunter Backpack Glider Combo
[&AgFoaAEAAA==]Shiverpeaks Hunter Glider
[&AgHuaAEAAA==]Shiverpeaks Hunter Backpack
[&CkMjAAA=]Celestial Axe
Mini Pets
[&AgGhaAEA]Mini Almorra Soulkeeper
[&AgGFaAEA]Mini Icebrood Construct
[&AgE9aAEA]Mini Boneskinner
[&AgE3aAEA]Asgeir's Amulet
2215800_0330Alpine Dye
2213352_0425Blue Lion Dye
2215800_0065Kyanite Dye
1303052_0627Murky Gray Dye
2215800_0390Vista Dye
2213352_0658Exotic Black Lion Dye Canister—Blue
2215800_0034Fine Black Lion Dye Canister—Blue
2213352_0395Masterwork Black Lion Dye Canister—Blue
2213352_0998Rare Black Lion Dye Canister—Blue
2215800_0072Receive Special Black Lion Blue Dyes
2213352_0872Upgrade Special Black Lion Blue Dye Canisters
2215800_0163Use to gain the Black Lion Chest exclusive dye Blue Lion.
2213352_0653Use to unlock exclusive Black Lion Chest blue dyes, or use to combine several canisters and upgrade their rarity.
2215800_0292Use to unlock exclusive Black Lion Chest blue dyes, or use to combine several canisters and upgrade their rarity.
2196166_0733Gift of the Ancestors
2175219_0030Choice of the Dragonrender
2179854_0339Double-click to open. Contains a Helm of the Dragonrender box, a Sweet Campfire Treat, a 20-slot bag, and a 28-slot bag recipe.
2175220_0600Open to choose a Helm of the Dragonrender.
[&Ck0jAAA=]Dragonrender Medium Helm
[&CjgjAAA=]Dragonrender Heavy Helm
[&CkojAAA=]Dragonrender Light Helm
[&CjYjAAA=]Raven's Eye
2179854_0672Double-click to open. Contains the Raven's Eye Scepter weapon, a Boneskinner Tonic, and a 20-slot bag recipe.
2221777_0634Raven's Gift
2179854_0415Double-click to open. Contains a Raven Spirit Shadow that can be summoned, a Raven Statue decoration, a 24-slot bag, and a 32-slot bag recipe.
Bjora Marches
[&AgH7aAEA]Bjora Marches Portal Scroll
[&AgFwaAEA]Eternal Ice Shard
[&AgHJaAEA]Eternal Ice Shard Home Instance Node
2215800_0976Activates an Eternal Ice Shard node in your home instance.
[&AgGdaAEA]Eitrite Ingot
[&AgGOaAEA]Boneskinner Tonic
[&AgGnaAEA]Endless Boneskinner Tonic
[&CjkjAAA=]Prize of the Boneskinner Skin
[&AgGAaAEA]Scrap of Icebrood Saga Mastery
Boreal Skins
2175219_0174Ancient Boreal Axe
2175219_0663Ancient Boreal Dagger
2175219_0977Ancient Boreal Focus
2175220_0653Ancient Boreal Greatsword
2175219_0908Ancient Boreal Hammer
2175219_0111Ancient Boreal Longbow
2175220_0623Ancient Boreal Mace
2175220_0076Ancient Boreal Pistol
2163592_0885Ancient Boreal Rifle
2175220_0753Ancient Boreal Scepter
2175219_0151Ancient Boreal Shield
2175220_0443Ancient Boreal Short Bow
2175220_0145Ancient Boreal Sword
2175220_0298Ancient Boreal Torch
2163592_0772Ancient Boreal Warhorn
2179855_0237Restored Boreal Weapons
2175219_0635Restored Boreal Axe
2175220_0887Restored Boreal Dagger
2163592_0874Restored Boreal Focus
2175219_0676Restored Boreal Greatsword
2175219_0482Restored Boreal Hammer
2175219_0197Restored Boreal Longbow
2175220_0528Restored Boreal Mace
2175219_0989Restored Boreal Pistol
2175219_0178Restored Boreal Rifle
2175220_0588Restored Boreal Scepter
2163592_0921Restored Boreal Shield
2163592_0729Restored Boreal Short Bow
2175219_0961Restored Boreal Staff
2175220_0839Restored Boreal Sword
2175220_0856Restored Boreal Torch
2175220_0703Restored Boreal Warhorn
Strike Mission
2213352_0072Weekly Strike Mission: Boneskinner
2179854_0273Weekly Strike Mission: Boneskinner (Public)
2207887_0464Weekly Strike Mission: Boneskinner (Squad)
2213352_0917Weekly Strike Mission: Fallen Voice and Fallen Claw
2213352_0753Weekly Strike Mission: Fraenir of Jormag
2142003_0907Weekly Strike Mission: Fraenir of Jormag (Public)
2207887_0877Weekly Strike Mission: Fraenir of Jormag (Squad)
2179853_0258Weekly Strike Mission: Voice of the Fallen and Claw of the Fallen (Public)
2207887_0607Weekly Strike Mission: Voice of the Fallen and Claw of the Fallen (Squad)
[&AgE4aAEA]Mastery Point
[&AgGXaAEA]Season 4 Currency Box
2179854_0143Open to choose a Season 4 currency.
2101150_0636Historic Weapon Skins