Upcoming features from the June 11 patch
Tuesday 11th of June 2019



[&AgFbZAEAAA==]Shimmerwing Skyscale Skin
Mist Stranger
[&AgFHZAEAAA==]Mist Stranger Outfit
[&AgERZAEAAA==]Mist Stranger Axe Skin
[&AgEoZAEAAA==]Mist Stranger Shield Skin
2150161_0027Mist Stranger Package
2150160_0092Mist Stranger Package now available!
Mini Pets
[&AgEHZAEA]Mini Djinn Lamp
[&AgEMZAEA]Mini Key of Ahdashim
[&AgFgZAEA]Mini Qadim the Peerless
[&ClAiAAA=]Skyscale Hatchling Mining Tool
2101153_0639Alchemist's Harvesting Sickle
2101153_0642Alchemist's Logging Axe
2107458_0321Glyph of Alchemy
2107458_0411Replaces gathering results with materials used in higher-level crafting recipes. Material types are determined by the type of node gathered from. Mithril ore, elder wood, and select cooking ingredients can be improved a limited number of times each day.
Raid Weapons
[&CmMiAAA=]Adina's Rifle
[&Ck8iAAA=]Adina's Nexus
[&CmAiAAA=]Sabir's Scepter
[&CmIiAAA=]Sabir's Call
2056705_0509Qadim the Peerless's Cache
[&ClkiAAA=]Peerless Greatbow
[&Cl0iAAA=]Peerless Torch
2124325_0628Peerless Infusion
Shiny Weapons
[&ClYiAAA=]Shiny Staff
[&Ck4iAAA=]Shiny Pistol
[&CmEiAAA=]Shiny Torch
[&ClQiAAA=]Shiny Rifle
[&ClMiAAA=]Shiny Short Bow
[&Cl8iAAA=]Ultra Shiny Rifle
[&CloiAAA=]Ultra Shiny Staff
[&ClsiAAA=]Ultra Shiny Short Bow
[&ClUiAAA=]Ultra Shiny Torch
[&ClwiAAA=]Ultra Shiny Pistol
1983841_0723Small Donation Receipt (Value: 10)
1986606_0730Medium Donation Receipt (Value: 25)
1986606_1012Huge Donation Receipt (Value: 250)
1986607_0613Large Donation Receipt (Value: 100)
2150161_0592Mighty Trophy Donations
2150161_0963Magical Trophy Donations
2150161_0974Jungle Material Donations
2150161_1015Ascended Material Donations
2156689_0111Ectoplasm Donations
2142003_0548Spirit Banner
2150160_0926Creates a spirit banner that grants +10% karma gains, +10% magic find, and +10% gold from kills to any ally that touches it for 30 minutes.
2142003_0385Title: God and Goddess of the Arena
2124325_0928Title: Demigod and Demigoddess of the Arena
2124325_0950Title: Prince and Princess of the Arena
2142003_0238Title: Baron and Baroness of the Arena
2142003_0239Title: King and Queen of the Arena
2124325_0813Title: Knight and Dame of the Arena
2124325_0856Title: Duke and Duchess of the Arena
[&ClciAAA=]Choya Mace
2059819_0983The Throne of Ahdashim
2040256_0753Skill Debugger
2040256_0594Source: Target: Misc: