Upcoming features from the May 14 patch
Tuesday 14th of May 2019
I've left out a LOT of loading screen images, text and items in this post so you don't have to worry about major spoilers.



[&AgH1YQEA]Branded Relic Package
[&ChUiAAA=]Branded Relic Backpiece
Mini Pets
[&AgGnYQEA]Mini Shadow Warrior
[&AgFIYQEA]Mini Bone Soldier
[&AgEvYQEA]Endless Skyscale Youngling Tonic
[&AgG1YQEA]Endless Shadow Warrior Tonic
2117959_0275Combat Tonic: Double-click to transform into a Shadow Warrior or return to normal.
[&AgFQYQEAAA==]Shrine Guardian Ears
[&AgFpYQEAAA==]Revered Shrine Guardian Ears
[&AgGwYAEAAA==]Skyscale Hatchling Harvesting Tool
2124325_0565Gather herbs with your faithful companion!
[&AgFGYwEA]Glyph of Reaping
[&AgE5YAEAAA==]Etherbound Greaves
2101153_0449Medium Corsair Boots
[&AgGLYgEA]Mist-Charged Treasure
[&AgHzYAEA]Scion-Spike Amulet
[&AgEBYQEA]Mistborn Band
Scion Weapons
2110343_0897Artifact of the Scion
2117960_0819Bastion of the Scion
2117960_0032Blade of the Scion
2117959_0870Brazier of the Scion
2117959_0431Claymore of the Scion
2117961_0036Flanged Mace of the Scion
2117960_0146Greatbow of the Scion
2117961_0076Harpoon Gun of the Scion
2107458_0692Heavy Corsair Boots
2110343_0943Herald of the Scion
2117960_0885Impaler of the Scion
2107458_0802Light Corsair Boots
2117960_0974Musket of the Scion
2110343_0799Razor of the Scion
2117959_0808Reaver of the Scion
2117959_0719Revolver of the Scion
2117960_0339Short Bow of the Scion
2117959_0515Spire of the Scion
2117960_0164Trident of the Scion
2117959_0023Wand of the Scion
2110343_0804Warhammer of the Scion
Blossoming Mist Shard
2107458_0498Blossoming Mist Shard Boots
2107458_0392Blossoming Mist Shard Bracers
2101153_0977Blossoming Mist Shard Breeches
2107458_0562Blossoming Mist Shard Chestguard
2107458_0406Blossoming Mist Shard Coronet
2101153_0888Blossoming Mist Shard Epaulets
2107458_0061Blossoming Mist Shard Gambeson
2101153_0410Blossoming Mist Shard Gauntlets
2101153_0640Blossoming Mist Shard Gloves
2107458_0561Blossoming Mist Shard Greaves
2107458_0220Blossoming Mist Shard Helm
2107458_0046Blossoming Mist Shard Leggings
2107458_0439Blossoming Mist Shard Pauldrons
2101153_0777Blossoming Mist Shard Plate
2107458_0210Blossoming Mist Shard Shoulders
2107458_0160Blossoming Mist Shard Tassets
2107458_0521Blossoming Mist Shard Visage
2107458_0075Blossoming Mist Shard Walkers
Mist Shard
2101153_0407Mist Shard Boots
2107458_0831Mist Shard Bracers
2101153_0838Mist Shard Breeches
2107458_0337Mist Shard Chestguard
2107458_0477Mist Shard Coronet
2107458_0753Mist Shard Epaulets
2107458_0803Mist Shard Gambeson
2101153_0437Mist Shard Gauntlets
2101153_0880Mist Shard Gloves
2107458_0497Mist Shard Greaves
2101153_0420Mist Shard Helm
2107458_0842Mist Shard Leggings
2107458_0069Mist Shard Pauldrons
2101153_0752Mist Shard Plate
2107458_0606Mist Shard Shoulders
2107458_0719Mist Shard Tassets
2107458_0243Mist Shard Visage
2107458_0284Mist Shard Walkers
[&AgHfYAEAAA==]Recharging Teleport to Friend
[&AgGVYgEA]Mistborn Mote Home Instance Node
[&AgGXYQEA]Gift of Aurene
[no code]Random Wardrobe Unlock updated with new skins!
2101152_0065Activates a Mistborn Mote node in your home instance.
2085251_0500Growth of Cauliflower
2101152_0179Don't be mad.