Upcoming features from the November 28 patch
Tuesday 28th of November 2017
Today we've got 3 updates for the price of one. Two things I want to share:
  • I have left out some mini pets and armor/weapon rewards from this post because story spoilers
  • Gemstore banner images have returned!

Gemstore Banners

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Mount Skin
[&AgHzTQEAAA==]Resplendent Avialan
[&C0gAAAA=]First Follower Desmina Outfit
1896624_0638Answer the call of the Underworld with the new First Follower Desmina Outfit!
[&AgH9TgEAAA==]Choya Finisher
1896625_0405A choya pinata comes down to finish off your opponent.
Mini Pets
[&AgE2UAEA]Mini Sayida
[&AgGuTwEA]Mini Tar Elemental
[&AgEnTwEA]Mini Adolescent Aurene
[&AgE8UAEA]Mini Desmina
[&AgFVUQEA]Mini Branded Wyvern
[&AgGjTgEA]Mini Broken King
Dye Kit
[&AgGTUAEAAA==]Elonian Landscape Dye Kit
1896624_0278Elonian Landscape Dye Kit now available!
[&AgEmUAEA]Highland Dye
[&AgEGUAEA]Mesa Dye
1896624_0729Oasis Dye
[&AgFJUAEA]Ruin Dye
[&AgGBUAEA]Sandstorm Dye [»]
[&AgG6TgEA]Sulfur Dye
Astral Weapons
1862778_0063Astral Apparatus
1862781_0777Astral Avenger
1862780_1002Astral Beacon
1862781_0496Astral Cannon
1862778_0471Astral Cleaver
1862780_0987Astral Disk
1862784_0316Astral Harbinger
1862782_0896Astral Khopesh
1862783_0333Astral Knobkerrie
1862780_0090Astral Longbow
1862782_0793Astral Orrery
1825766_0773Astral Razor
1862781_0696Astral Revolver
1862781_0564Astral Scepter
1862780_0293Astral Short Bow
1862782_0497Astral Spire
Stellar Weapons
1862781_0398Stellar Apparatus
1862782_0286Stellar Avenger
1862783_0125Stellar Beacon
1862780_0804Stellar Cannon
1862778_0890Stellar Cleaver
1862778_0017Stellar Disk
1862779_0874Stellar Harbinger
1862778_0234Stellar Khopesh
1862780_0796Stellar Knobkerrie
1862778_0516Stellar Longbow
1862783_1014Stellar Orrery
1862783_0985Stellar Razor
1862781_0908Stellar Revolver
1862782_0265Stellar Scepter
1862781_0195Stellar Short Bow
1862783_0618Stellar Spire
1825757_0486Corsair Turban Box
[&CpweAAA=]Light Corsair Turban
[&CsEeAAA=]Medium Corsair Turban
[&CqQeAAA=]Heavy Corsair Turban
Legendary Focus
[&CuMeAAA=]The Binding of Ipos
[&CqoeAAA=]Ars Goetia
[&CrQeAAA=]The True Name
[&CrEeAAA=]Mark of the Unnamed
1701553_0704In the Mystic Forge, combine a Gift of the Oasis, a Gift of the Highlands, a Gift of the Riverlands, and a Gift of the Desolation to create a Gift of the Desert, used in crafting legendary weapons.
1701553_0226In the Mystic Forge, combine a Spirit of the Raptor, a Spirit of the Springer, a Spirit of the Jackal, and a Spirit of the Skimmer to create a Gift of the Rider.
1711443_0307In the Mystic Forge, combine a Gift of the Desert, a Gift of the Rider, a Bloodstone Shard, and 250 Funerary Incenses to create the Gift of Desert Mastery.
1701553_0282Use artificing to refine into Shards of the Dark Arts, used to craft the legendary focus precursor Ars Goetia.
1701553_0573Used to craft the legendary focus precursor Ars Goetia. Combine in the Mystic Forge with Mystic Runestones, a Gift of Energy, and a Gift of the Mists to create the Gift of Ipos.
1701553_0581Recipe: Ars Goetia
1701553_1010Recipe: The True Name
[&CsYeAAA=]Asef's Brew
[&CtQeAAA=]Barud's Blunderbuss
[&CqEeAAA=]Randa's Eviscerator
[&CqUeAAA=]The Voice in the Void
[&CrceAAA=]The Ender of All
[&CtYeAAA=]Sledge of the Red Witch
[&CuUeAAA=]Flesh and Sinew
[&CuYeAAA=]Final Death
[&AgHRTgEA]Superior Rune of the Stars
[&AgGaUAEA]Superior Sigil of the Stars
1716723_0440Volatile Magic
1825755_0129Train the Volatile Magic Resonance Mastery to gain ability to collect volatile magic.
1701550_0475Kralkatite Ore
1773903_0834Can be traded with vendors in the Domain of Istan, used for crafting, or consumed for Volatile Magic.
[&AgEZUQEA]Brandstone Node
[&AgF8TwEA]Istan Portal Scroll
1716723_0039Double-click to teleport to the Chalon Docks in the Domain of Istan. This item cannot be used while in combat.
[&AgGYTgEA]Season 4 Portal Tome
1773904_0158Store living world portal scrolls inside of this tome.
1716723_0043Istani Empowerment
1716723_0576Permanently gain 10 bonus experience while in Istan. Stacks up to 3 times.
1716723_0676Permanently gain bonus karma while killing foes in the Domain of Istan. Stacks up to 3 times.
[&AgHGTwEA]Endless Awakened Archer Tonic
1773903_0505Combat Tonic: Double-click to transform into an Awakened or return to normal.
1862778_0494Miniature Joko Bust (for Personal Worship)
1862782_0760Miniature Majestic Joko (for Personal Worship)
1862779_0008Hanging Standard of King Joko
1862779_0010Statue of Joko the Majestic
1862783_0313Can be placed in the Mystic Forge along with other bookmaking materials to create a Meditation Logbook.
1862784_0114Become one with the Mists and gain the following: • The "Fractal Champion" title • 5 agony resistance, 2 increased outgoing damage, and 25 health per second in fractals for every character in your account • 1 additional fractal encryption and bag of fractal relics from the final chest in every fractal Level 3 of 4—Effects stack with previous level.
1877043_0936Account Augmentations
1862783_0853Every character in your account permanently gains 5 agony resistance in fractals. Level 1 out of 4.
1825766_0752Permanently gain an extra Writ of Tyrian Mastery from the final chest in every fractal. Level 1 out of 4.
1862778_0817Permanently gain bonus karma from the final chest of every fractal. Level 3 out of 4.
1877044_0517You must have at least Fractal Empowerment 2, Karmic Retribution 2, and Agony Impedance 2 to purchase Mist Attunement.
1877044_0897You must have a Personal Fractal Level of 100 to purchase Agony Impedance.
1862780_0477Celestial Infusion (Red)
1862779_0548Mystical +5 Agony Infusion
1862778_0867Mystical +7 Agony Infusion
1862779_0014Mystical +9 Agony Infusion
1862781_0189Spiteful +5 Agony Infusion
1862780_0185Spiteful +7 Agony Infusion
1862781_0942Spiteful +9 Agony Infusion
1877043_0656You have acquired an item that can be used to open locked chests! To see how many you have, open the Wallet panel from your inventory.
1862780_0631Your soul has dissipated. You are dead.
1877043_0713A high-quality ax.