Concept mount selection menu
Wednesday 6th of September 2017
Now that we're getting mounts that all have unique skills and abilities we're also facing the problem of how we're going to quickly switch between different mount types.
I have to say I'm very unhappy with the current solution of "just add some more key binds!". This "solution" is far from future proof if they ever decided to add new mounts or mechanics to the game, and at the current rate I'm already starting to run low on sensible key combinations... so here's a "simple" (but hard to implement) solution: radial menus.
So how do these work? Let's say you've bound your mount key to Z:
  • Press Z to mount and dismount your current mount just like you currently would.
  • Hold Z a bit longer to bring up the menu and select a different mount by moving your mouse.
I even threw some of the assets in Photoshop and made a quick mock up of a Concept Mount Menu, and I really hope something like this will come to the game because I would have to spend less time fighting my keyboard and more time riding my mounts!