Upcoming features from the July 25 patch
Tuesday 25th of July 2017
Episode 6 has just launched and here are a couple of the new items, enjoy the calm before the storm!



Legendary Trinkets
1701549_0050Legendary Trinkets
1701553_1015Unlocks the journey to Aurora.
[&AgFBPwEA]Spark of Sentience
1716725_0429This trinket is used to craft the legendary accessory Aurora.
[&AgF0QAEA]Gift of Dragon Magic
[&AgFYQAEA]Gift of Valor
[&AgGXPwEA]Gift of Bloodstone Magic
1670158_0562Celestial Infusion Chest
1664246_0640Double-click to choose a celestial infusion.
1670162_0494Double-click to apply to an unused infusion slot. Infuses character with a cosmic aura.
[&AgGTPwEA]Celestial Infusion (Blue)
[&AgF3PwEA]Celestial Infusion (Red)
[&AgH6PgEA]Coral Choker
Gliders and Backpacks
[&CnkcAAA=]Relic of Balthazar
[&CoAcAAA=]Relic of Lyssa
[&CoccAAA=]Relic of Dwaynaaaa
[&CpccAAA=]Relic of Abaddon
[&CpkcAAA=]Relic of Grenth
[&CpscAAA=]Relic of Melandru
1716725_0198Abaddon's Glider
1716725_0802This package contains the Feathers of the Zephyr Glider and Golden Zephyr Backpack.
[&AgHgPwEA]Feathers of the Zephyr
[&AgE8PwEA]Feathers of the Zephyr Package
1711443_0585Golden Zephyr Backpiece
[&CowcAAA=]Golden Zephyr
1670158_0203Endless Chaos Combat Tonic
[&AgFQQAEA]Endless Fury Combat Tonic
Mini Pets
[&AgHtPwEA]Mini Dwayna's Messenger
[&AgFcQAEA]Mini Guardian of Secrets
[&AgHlPwEA]Mini Ley-Line Scavenger
[&AgG6PwEA]Mini Anise
[&AgGJPwEA]Mini Dagonet
[&AgGdPwEA]Mini Lazarus
[&AgEDPwEA]Mini Queen Mahtab
[&AgE3PwEA]Scythe Staff
[&CqccAAA=]Exemplar's Edge
[&CoMcAAA=]Heavy Mursaat Brogans
[&CpQcAAA=]Light Mursaat Brogans
[&CoEcAAA=]Medium Mursaat Brogans
[&CpAcAAA=]Might of Arah
[&CoocAAA=]Save the Queen
[&CoQcAAA=]The Shining Blade
[&CpYcAAA=]Vizier's Folly
109603_0133Abomination Hammer
Abaddon Skins
1731418_0092Abaddon Axe
1716725_0868Abaddon Dagger
1731418_0757Abaddon Focus
1731418_0941Abaddon Greatsword
1731418_0854Abaddon Hammer
1731418_0311Abaddon Longbow
1731418_0320Abaddon Mace
1716725_1001Abaddon Pistol
1716725_0450Abaddon Rifle
1716725_0315Abaddon Scepter
1731418_0541Abaddon Shield
1716725_0800Abaddon Short Bow
1731418_0606Abaddon Staff
1731418_0298Abaddon Sword
1716725_0283Abaddon Torch
1716725_0775Abaddon Warhorn
Doppelganger Weapons
1653800_0735Doppelganger Dagger
1653800_0735Doppelganger Dagger
1653800_0735Doppelganger Dagger
1653798_0552Doppelganger Focus
1653801_0442Doppelganger Greatsword
1653801_0442Doppelganger Greatsword
1653800_0194Doppelganger Longbow
1653799_0770Doppelganger Rifle
1653800_0334Doppelganger Staff
1653796_0949Doppelganger Sword
1653796_0816Doppelganger Warhorn
1670162_0311Orrian Oyster
1670161_0927Orrian Oyster Node
1670158_0638Activates an Orrian Oyster Node in your home instance.
1670162_0592Bundle of Orrian Pearls
1692217_0301Recipe: Oysters with Cocktail Sauce
1692218_0828Recipe: Fried Oyster Sandwich
1692219_0617Oysters with Pesto Sauce
1692219_0972Fried Oysters
1692220_0224Oysters with Cocktail Sauce
1692221_0372Fried Oyster Sandwich
1692221_0959Oysters with Spicy Sauce
1692225_0079Oysters with Zesty Sauce
1692223_0161Oysters Gnashblade
1692225_0417Return to Orr Chest
1711443_0917Boost to experience, gold, magic find, and PvP and WvW reward track gains.
1716723_0001Black Lion Boost
[&AgGMQAEA]Black Lion Booster
Home instance
[&AgG8PwEA]Advanced Leather Rack
1711443_0482An advanced cloth rack has been added to your home instance.
[&AgG9PwEA]Advanced Cloth Rack
1711443_0430An advanced leather rack has been added to your home instance.
1716724_0845Heirloom Seed Pod
109810_0520__ of __ advanced material types collected.
109845_0326__ of __ ascended material types collected.
109623_0200__ of __ basic material types collected.
1716725_0761__ of __ cooking ingredient types collected.
109623_0198__ of __ cooking material types collected.
109810_0522__ of __ festive material types collected.
109602_0931__ of __ gemstone and jewel types collected.
109608_0615__ of __ intermediate material types collected.
1731418_0026__ of __ scribing material types collected.
109810_0524__ of __ token types collected.
1711443_0283Decrease gravity, causing you to go up.
[&AgEJPwEA]Siren's Landing Portal Scroll
[&AgFYPwEA]Living World Portal Tome
1678057_0734Order of the Vampire
1678057_0008__ removes her helmet.