Upcoming features from the July 11 patch
Tuesday 11th of July 2017
Here are the things from today's patch. Enjoy.


Dynamics outfit and glider
1701553_0079Dynamics Exo-Suit Glider Backpack Combo
1701553_0088Dynamics Glider Module
1701553_0518Dynamics Exo-Suit Appearance Pack
1701553_0680This pack, which is usable by any character, comes with the latest advances in piloted exo-golem technology and holographic aeronautical volitation that the College of Dynamics has guaranteed will not explode within the first ten uses. Appearance skins override the look of your equipment and have no stats of their own.
Black Lion Hunters Board
1701553_0909Black Lion Hunters Board
1711443_0673This adds a Black Lion Hunters Board to your home instance, which can be used to collect fine crafting materials. Collectible materials include: • Bones • Claws • Dust • Fangs • Scales • Totems • Venom Sacs • Vials of Blood
1716723_0366The Black Lion Hunters Board has been installed in your home instance.
1711443_0663Daily Hunter Procurement
Shadow Weapons
1716723_0005Shadow Weapons
1716723_0042Shadow weapon set returns to the Black Lion Weapons Specialist!
1624076_0579View competitive visuals in WvW, and PvP's ranked, unranked, and custom arenas with tournament commands enabled.
1701553_0914Hide Optional Announcements
1701553_0586Receive a Free Max-Level Boost Buy Now!