Upcoming features from the March 28 patch
Tuesday 28th of March 2017
Some upcoming new items from today's patch


[&CzAAAAA=]Spring Promenade Outfit
[&CiAcAAA=]Super Adventure Holo-Copter
1664241_0166Super Holo-Copter Glider Combo
1664241_0984Super Holo-Copter Backpack and Glider Set
1664238_0291Super Adventure Holo-Copter Backpack
1664245_0862Super Cloud Glider
Mini Pets
[&AgH0OwEA]Mini Super Snake
[&AgEHPAEA]Mini Super Frog
[&AgHzOwEA]Mini Super Goat
[&AgETPAEA]Mini Super Queen Bee Dog
1653802_0827Double-click to receive the Super Snake, Super Frog, and Super Goat miniatures. Combine in the Mystic Forge with a Continue Coin to unlock the Mini Queen Bee Dog.
[&AgHuOwEA]Mini Super Storm Wizard
1664241_0625Double-click to summon this miniature to follow you around. Only one miniature may be in use at a time. Combine the Miniature Super Trio in the Mystic Forge with a Continue Coin to unlock the Mini Storm Wizard.
[&ChkbAAA=]Elemental Sword
[&AgHgOwEA]Super Campfire
[&AgH1OwEA]Super Pine Tree
[&AgHiOwEA]Super Forest House
[&AgERPAEA]Super Mushroom
[&AgEaPAEA]Super Flower
Guild Hall Music
1653796_0267Guild Hall Music: Super Adventure Box
[&AgEhPAEA]The Music of Super Adventure Box
1653798_0872Super Guild Anthem
[&AgE8PAEA]The Anthem of Superior Adventures
1653796_0994Visit the minstrel at the tavern to change the background music of your guild hall to a selection of themes based on Moto's Super Adventure Box.
1653797_0563Super Adventure Box Soundtrack
1664243_0463Double-click to pull out a boom box and play super tunes for your friends. Plays five HARDCORE songs from Super Adventure Box World 1.
[&AgFMPAEA]Duskk's World 1 Super Boom Box
[&AgEkPAEA]Duskk's World 2 Super Boom Box
Crimson Assassin Skins
[&AgH6OwEA]Crimson Assassin Token
[&CiEcAAA=]Crimson Assassin Backpack Cover
[&ChMcAAA=]Crimson Assassin Sword
[&CgEcAAA=]Crimson Assassin Shield
[&CgUcAAA=]Crimson Assassin Rifle
[&Cg4cAAA=]Crimson Assassin Mace
[&ChocAAA=]Crimson Assassin Staff
[&Cv8bAAA=]Crimson Assassin Torch
[&Cv4bAAA=]Crimson Assassin Warhorn
[&CgQcAAA=]Crimson Assassin Scepter
[&ChwcAAA=]Crimson Assassin Hammer
[&ChEcAAA=]Crimson Assassin Short Bow
[&ChQcAAA=]Crimson Assassin Greatsword
[&Ch4cAAA=]Crimson Assassin Dagger
[&CgIcAAA=]Crimson Assassin Longbow
[&ChAcAAA=]Crimson Assassin Focus
[&CggcAAA=]Crimson Assassin Pistol
[&CgscAAA=]Crimson Assassin Axe
Beastslayer Skins
1653802_0496Beastslayer Short Bow
1653802_0502Beastslayer Mace
1653802_0503Beastslayer Sword
1653802_0509Beastslayer Dagger
1653802_0521Beastslayer Pistol
1653802_0529Beastslayer Greatsword
1653802_0538Beastslayer Axe
1653802_0540Beastslayer Longbow
1653802_0542Beastslayer Staff
1653802_0548Beastslayer Focus
1653802_0558Beastslayer Rifle
1653802_0577Beastslayer Scepter
1653802_0579Beastslayer Hammer
1653802_0584Beastslayer Warhorn
1653802_0585Beastslayer Shield
1653802_0588Beastslayer Torch
Reward Track
1664243_0641Super Adventure Reward Track
[&AgESPAEA]Yeti Loot Box
[&AgEoPAEA]Bee Dog Loot Box
[&AgFCPAEA]Banana Loot Box
[&AgEqPAEA]King Toad Loot Box
[&AgHrOwEA]Storm Wizard Loot Box
[&AgHyOwEA]Monkey Loot Box
[&AgENPAEA]Super Weapon Box
1653802_0271Super Adventure Weapon Box
1664243_0481TO DO: Finish holo-rendering art assets. —Moto