Upcoming features from the September 29 update
Tuesday 29th of September 2015
That took a "bit" longer than expected, but here's stuff! Time to stitch together some maps.





[&DBwAAAA=]Unknown Outfit
Weapons and armor
1058999_0849Unlock this finisher by discovering it in Black Lion Chests.
1076071_0824Unlock this finisher by discovering it in Black Lion Chests or purchasing it from the Trading Post.
Seasonal content
1076072_0324Season begins on __.
1076068_0656Season ends on __.
1076072_0776Season is currently ending.
Halloween Dyes
1058999_0996Insanity Red
1076068_0381Maniac Brown
1076069_0574Lunatic Yellow
1076072_0148Delirious Purple
1076073_0172Crushed Bone
1076073_0927Psychotic Orange
1076068_0326Seasonal. For sale only during the Halloween season. A miniature spooky ghost, spooky skeleton, and spooky spider come together in this limited-edition collector's pack.
1076071_0217You must be in a raiding squad to enter.
1076071_0456Congratulations on defeating the Vale Guardian! Feel free to replay this encounter for the duration of the beta weekend.
992363_0677You are out of time. Reviving dead players is no longer possible.
1076074_0602Ascended Stat-Selectable Gear
1076071_0779Pact Encampment: Tier 1 unlocked! The first adventure is available.
1076069_0549Pact Encampment Tier 1 completed! Help the ship's officers reinforce the camp to access Tier 2.
1076069_0573Pact Encampment: Tier 2 unlocked! The second adventure is available.
1076071_0157Pact Encampment Tier 2 Completed! Deal with the sylvari situation to access Tier 3.
1076074_0373Pact Encampment: Tier 3 unlocked! The third adventure and more challenging events are available.
1076073_0900Pact Encampment Tier 3 is complete.
1058997_0878Purchase Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns to begin spending Mastery points.
1076074_0672You should begin training another mastery ability. Any experience gained while not training will be lost.
1129131_1015Journey to the Heart of Maguuma and complete the story step "Torn from the Sky" to unlock Mastery tracks.
1076071_0542This skill can only be used while gliding.
1076074_0104Learn a powerful maneuver that does massive damage to the defiance bar of impenetrable enemies.
1076074_0816When mining ore while in Auric Basin, you will gain Auric Slivers in addition to normal materials. You also have a chance to mine special items from ore nodes all around the Heart of Maguuma.
1129130_0035Train Basic Gliding in the Gliding Mastery track to unlock the Itzel Lore Mastery track.
1129130_0476Journey to Tangled Depths to unlock the Nuhoch Lore Mastery track.
1076070_0156You have found a Nuhoch Wallow. Train the Nuhoch Wallows Mastery in Nuhoch Lore to use it.
1058999_0455You can only mentor while in open-world PvE maps.
1076068_0707Mastery Chest
1129130_065910-person group for coordinating and gaining access to raids
1058992_0745Choose a team type:
1058993_0884Squad: __
1058993_0775Select Role
1058994_0716Members have no special permissions.
1058992_0043Team Name
1058992_0543No Team
1058995_0690Invite to Squad
1030380_0837Kick from Squad
1058992_0355Leave Squad
1058996_0453Remove this member from the team.
1058997_0126Are you sure you want to remove this member from the team?
1129130_0103You have been removed from the team __ of __.
1058999_0064Broadcast to Squad
1058994_0059Create Team
1058994_0139Choose a team name:
1058999_0728Select Team
1058994_0595Subgroup: __
1129130_0548Drag a squad member nameplate to create a new subgroup.
1058996_0948Appoint Squad Leader
1058995_0579Your squad's leader has left. You may now volunteer to lead the squad.
1076070_0478A team captain already exists. Are you sure you want to replace the team captain?
1076071_0273Squad Markers
1076071_0219Place a variety of markers that are only visible to your squadmates.
1076071_0221You must be a commander to use squad markers.
Ready set go?
1076068_0448Ready Check
1076073_0696Cancel Ready Check
1129131_0431I am not ready
1129131_0959I am ready
1076069_0622Squad ready!
1058997_0523Ladder Potential
1058992_0980Earn team score to determine your ladder progress.
1058995_0040Division can lose tiers.
Guild Teams
1058994_0715Team captains are allowed to add and remove members from the team, as are guild members with the Team Administrator permission. There can only be one captain.
1129132_0097You do not have permission to edit guild teams.
1076071_0754Are you sure you want to remove team __ from the guild?
1129130_0827Teams must have unique names within the guild.
1129131_0177The requested guild name contains inappropriate language.
1076073_1021The spotted beetle releases noxious gas in order to disorient enemies.
1076072_0863Pocket raptors normally travel in packs.
1076071_0070Tigers are native to the jungle.
1076069_0507The spikenose beetle charges its foes when enraged.
1076069_0259The smokescale is adept at assaulting foes while hiding within its smoke field.
1076069_0541Wyverns have a variety of breath attacks.