Upcoming features from Point of No Return
Tuesday 13th of January 2015
There were a LOT (5000+) of new lines in this patch but 70% of them appear to be updated versions of:
  • Living world 1.0
  • Karma items
  • Character creation
  • Map labels


Mordrem Weapons
[&C9QWAAA=]Mordrem Short Bow
[&C9MWAAA=]Mordrem Longbow
[&C9IWAAA=]Mordrem Focus
[&C9EWAAA=]Mordrem Dagger
[&C9AWAAA=]Mordrem Sword
[&C88WAAA=]Mordrem Shield
[&C84WAAA=]Mordrem Rifle
[&C80WAAA=]Mordrem Axe
[&C8wWAAA=]Mordrem Staff
[&C8sWAAA=]Mordrem Scepter
[&C8oWAAA=]Mordrem Torch
[&C8kWAAA=]Mordrem Greatsword
[&C8gWAAA=]Mordrem Mace
[&C8cWAAA=]Mordrem Pistol
[&C8YWAAA=]Mordrem Warhorn
[&C8UWAAA=]Mordrem Hammer
Shadow of the Dragon Armor
[&C78WAAA=]Shadow of the Dragon Gloves
[&C74WAAA=]Shadow of the Dragon Gloves
[&C70WAAA=]Shadow of the Dragon Helmet
[&C7wWAAA=]Shadow of the Dragon Shoulders
[&C7sWAAA=]Shadow of the Dragon Helmet
[&C7oWAAA=]Shadow of the Dragon Helmet
[&C7kWAAA=]Shadow of the Dragon Gloves
[&C7gWAAA=]Shadow of the Dragon Shoulders
[&C7cWAAA=]Shadow of the Dragon Shoulders
[&AgHdCwEAAA==]Permanent Pact Fleet Finisher
[&AgGgCwEAAA==]Endless Mordrem Teragriff Tonic
[&AgGoCwEAAA==]Endless Mordrem Troll Tonic
109894_0052Mystery Tonic
109894_0053You cannot use this item while transformed.
[&DBAAAAA=]Arcane Outfit
109891_1014Are you a master of the arcane arts? Dress the part!
[&AgHaCwEA]Mini Rox
[&AgHbCwEA]Mini Kasmeer Meade
[&AgHcCwEA]Mini Braham Eirsson
[&AgHZCwEAAA==]Unknown Mini
109891_1017Miniature Kasmeer Meade Now Available!
109891_1019Miniature Braham Eirsson Now Available!
109891_1021Miniature Rox Pickheart Now Available!
109891_1020Unknown Mini Now Available!
Hair / eye colors
109891_0913Eye Cool Med Dark
109891_0917Eye Warm Med Dark
109891_0922Hair Cool Med Dark
109891_0923Hair Cool Lite
109891_0924Hair Warm Med Light
109891_0925Hair Warm Lite
109891_0926Hair Warm Med
New emotes?
109891_0942__ is farming.
109891_0944__ is hammering.
109891_0945__ threatens.
109891_0947__ refuses to move.
109891_0949__ is casting.
109891_0951__ prays.
[&AgGDCwEAAA==]Recipe: Superior Sigil of Blight
[&AgGCCwEAAA==]Recipe: Superior Rune of the Defender
Ascended Gear
109894_0203Victory does not go to the loudest, but to the most effective. —Master of Whispers
109894_0204Jurah's Jewel
[&AgHECwEAAA==]Ogden's Arcana Obscura
109898_0248Hero of the Wastes
109898_0250Attack 25% faster and deal 25% more damage. You take 25% less damage.
109898_0251Spore-Induced Rage
109898_0379Fallen Coconut
109898_0386You've been hit on the head by a coconut. You're temporarily dazed. I guess I deserved that.
109898_0387Coconut Daze
109898_0622Gift of the Hive
109893_0765A collection of items recovered from the cave. Contains a personal bandit chest for your home instance, obsidian shards, luck, and your choice of a Mordrem organ.
[&AgGZCwEAAA==]Gilded Chest
109893_0767Mordrem Husk Eye
109893_0769Luminescent Belt
109893_0770Mordrem Bladder Extraction Device
109893_0772Endless Mordrem Teragriff Tonic
109893_0773Created by imbuing a large skull (crafting material) at an underground pollen cloud in the Silverwastes. This item only has value as part of a collection.
109893_0775Imbued Skull
[&AgGiCwEAAA==]Mordrem Thrasher Eye
[&AgGaCwEAAA==]Mordrem Husk Eye
109893_0776Mordrem Thrasher Eye
109893_0780Mordrem Troll Kidney
109893_0792Mordrem Troll Eye
[&AgGXCwEAAA==]Mordrem Teragriff Kidney
[&AgGUCwEAAA==]Mordrem Teragriff Eye
109893_0795Mordrem Thrasher Kidney
[&AgGrCwEAAA==]Carapace Headgear Box
109893_0798Created by imbuing a pair of dragonfly-wing earrings, purchased from Cook Huelic in Metrica Province, at an underground pollen cloud in the Silverwastes. This item only has value as part of a collection.
[&AgGtCwEAAA==]Radiant Dragonfly Wings
[&AgGvCwEAAA==]Luminescent Chinstrap
109893_0804Mordrem Husk Kidney
[&AgGxCwEAAA==]Carapace Coat Box
[&AgG0CwEAAA==]Forgotten Seal
109893_0855A vision of things to come...
[&AgHVCwEAAA==]Ominous Portent
Tutelage Isles
109897_0403You cannot die while training on the Tutelage Isles.
109897_0404Heals you just before dying.
109897_0405Kella's Protection
Random stuff
[&C9UWAAA=]Ghostly Hero Shield
[&C9YWAAA=]Ghostly Hero Shield
109894_0590Double-click to gain a skill point. This book is filled withcreature information.
109899_0376Teleport selected creature to your location. (Doesn't work on players. Sorry no trolling.)


Heart of Thorns