Upcoming features from the Halloween pre-patch
Tuesday 30th of September 2014

Suprise update!

New Outfit


Raiment of the Lich
[&DAsAAAA=]Raiment[s] of the Lich
109613_0219Raiment of the Lich available now!
109613_0220This full outfit can be toggled to replace the appearance of your current armor.
109653_0368Raiment[s] of the Lich
109613_0547Spooky Clothes for Wicked Fun!
109613_0548Seasonal. For sale only during the Halloween season. The Vampire outfit can be toggled to replace the appearance of your current armor.
Magic carpet
[&AgEcBwEAAA==]Magic Carpet
109613_0550Experience comfort while traveling with this magic carpet!
109613_0560Activate the Magic Carpet in your inventory to feel the breeze against your face. You will be removed from the Magic Carpet if you engage in combat. This item has no movement speed bonus or additional skills.
109687_0393Ride Magic Carpet
[&AgHVBQEAAA==]Tireless Loggin Minion
Mini pets
109613_1021Seasonal. For sale only during the Halloween season. A miniature Mad King Head, Candy Corn Skritt, and Glowing Bat come together in this limited-edition collector's pack.
[&AgHPBQEAAA==]Mini Candy Corn Skritt
[&AgHQBQEAAA==]Miniature Glowing Bat
[&AgHSBQEAAA==]Miniature Mad King Head
109687_0714Nightmare Court Collar (rename of Pauldrons)
[&C0MWAAA=]Glowing Green Mask
Tempest Weapons
109598_0387Tempest Weapon Collection
109598_0346Release the storm with this collection of windy weapons!
109598_0388Unlocked __ / __ Tempest Weapon Skins
109598_0710Unlock all __ Tempest weapon skins in your wardrobe.
109687_0823Tempest Warhorn
109687_0824Tempest Scepter
109687_0828Tempest Dagger
109687_0829Tempest Axe
109687_0836Tempest Torch
109687_0839Tempest Sword
109687_0840Tempest Staff
109687_0877Tempest Short Bow
109687_0878Tempest Pistol
109687_0895Tempest Shield
109687_0897Tempest Focus
109687_0899Tempest Rifle
109687_0900Tempest Longbow
109687_0911Tempest Hammer
109687_0914Tempest Mace
109687_0915Tempest Greatsword
[&AgEfBwEAAA==]World vs. World Support Pack
109684_0193__ is untouchable!
109683_0959Minutes survived
109685_0062Achieved a score of 10 without being disabled or leaving the brawl.
109637_0156The sugar in this candy will go straight to your head. Consuming this item leaves a shiny foil candy wrapper, which is highly prized by skritt.
109637_0406Foil-Wrapped Candy
109639_0477Cannot be used with a full inventory.
109640_0928Hyper Rush
109640_0929Grants a random boost that stacks duration if the same boost is awarded more than once.
109689_0793Collector Terksli
109711_0999Hidden Skritt Stash
109875_0956Warning: This message was sent by another player. It was not sent by the Guild Wars 2 Team.
109875_0957This is an official message from the Guild Wars 2 Team.
109874_0174Island of Trials
109874_0176Colloquy of Heroes
109874_0153Crystalline Grotto
109874_0175Misty Woods
109874_0177Wandering Island

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