Chat codes - Fractured
Tuesday 26th of November 2013

If you ever need to look up the latest codes that are available in game right now, you can use my custom tool for this at (Most of the time it will even show new items hours before a patch goes live)

[&AgEgwAAA] PvP Sunrise
[&AgEhwAAA] PvP Frostfang
[&AgEiwAAA] PvP Kudzu
[&AgEjwAAA] PvP The Dreamer
[&AgEkwAAA] PvP Incinerator
[&AgElwAAA] PvP The Minstrel
[&AgEmwAAA] PvP Eternity
[&AgEnwAAA] PvP Twilight
[&AgEowAAA] PvP The Juggernaut
[&AgEpwAAA] PvP Kamohoali'i Kotaki
[&AgEqwAAA] PvP The Moot
[&AgErwAAA] PvP Quip
[&AgEswAAA] PvP The Predator
[&AgEtwAAA] PvP Meteorlogicus
[&AgEuwAAA] PvP The Flameseeker Prophecies
[&AgEvwAAA] PvP Frenzy
[&AgEwwAAA] PvP Bitfrost
[&AgExwAAA] PvP Bolt
[&AgEywAAA] PvP Rodgort
[&AgEzwAAA] PvP Kraitkin
[&AgE0wAAA] PvP Howler
Ascended stuff
[&AgE2wAAA] Hoard of Ascended Materials
[&AgE3wAAA] Universal Ascended Weapon Chest
[&AgE4wAAA] Universal Ascended Armor Chest
[&AgE5wAAA] Recipe: Superior Rune of Resistance
[&AgE6wAAA] Recipe: Superior Sigil of Momentum
[&AgFDwAAA] Fractal Axe
[&AgFEwAAA] Fractal Longbow
[&AgFFwAAA] Fractal Short Bow
[&AgFGwAAA] Fractal Dagger
[&AgFHwAAA] Fractal Focus
[&AgFIwAAA] Fractal Greatsword
[&AgFJwAAA] Fractal Hammer
[&AgFKwAAA] Fractal Mace
[&AgFLwAAA] Fractal Pistol
[&AgFMwAAA] Fractal Rifle
[&AgFNwAAA] Fractal Scepter
[&AgFOwAAA] Fractal Shield
[&AgFPwAAA] Fractal Harpoon
[&AgFQwAAA] Fractal Speargun
[&AgFRwAAA] Fractal Staff
[&AgFSwAAA] Fractal Sword
[&AgFTwAAA] Fractal Torch
[&AgFUwAAA] Fractal Trident
[&AgFVwAAA] Fractal Warhorn
[&AgF8wAAA] Mini Thaumanove Reactor Worker
[&AgF9wAAA] Endless Fractal Tonic
[&AgGFwAAA] Mini Ho-Ho-Tron
[&AgGGwAAA] Tixx's Toy Box
[&AgGHwAAA] Generous Wintersday Gift
[&AgGIwAAA] Medium Wintersday Gift
[&AgGJwAAA] Large Wintersday Gift
[&AgGKwAAA] Giant Wintersday Gift
[&AgGLwAAA] Mini Fawn
[&AgGMwAAA] Mini Artic Fox Kit
[&AgGNwAAA] Mini Puppy
[&AgGOwAAA] Mini Dolyack Calf
[&AgGPwAAA] Recipe: Endless Toy Ventari Tonic
[&AgGQwAAA] Recipe: Endless Toy Soldier Tonic
[&AgGRwAAA] Recipe: Endless Princess Doll Tonic
[&AgGSwAAA] Recipe: Endless Plus Griffon Tonic
[&AgGTwAAA] Recipe: Endless Toy Golem Tonic
[&AgELuwAA] Stag Helm Skin
[&AgESuwAA] Grenth Hood Skin
[&AgHRwAAA] Black Lion Trading Satchel
[&AgEuwQAA] Letter of Influence