Complete list of Ascended weapon codes
Tuesday 3rd of September 2013

Crafted in the style of the renowned asuran genius, Zojja.

Weapon Code
Zojja's Reaver [&AgGntgAA]
Zojja's Razor [&AgGotgAA]
Zojja's Artifact [&AgGptgAA]
Zojja's Calymore [&AgGqtgAA]
Zojja's Warhammer [&AgGrtgAA]
Zojja's Impaler [&AgGstgAA]
Zojja's Greatbow [&AgGttgAA]
Zojja's Flanged Mace [&AgGutgAA]
Zojja's Revolver [&AgGvtgAA]
Zojja's Musket [&AgGwtgAA]
Zojja's Wand [&AgGxtgAA]
Zojja's Bastion [&AgGytgAA]
Zojja's Short Bow [&AgGztgAA]
Zojja's Harpoon Gun [&AgG0tgAA]
Zojja's Spire [&AgG1tgAA]
Zojja's Blade [&AgG2tgAA]
Zojja's Brazier [&AgG3tgAA]

Crafted in the style of the ancient dwarven weaponsmith, Balthor Coalforge.

Weapon Code
Coalforge's Reaver [&AgG6tgAA]
Coalforge's Razor [&AgG7tgAA]
Coalforge's Artifact [&AgG8tgAA]
Coalforge's Calymore [&AgG9tgAA]
Coalforge's Warhammer [&AgG+tgAA]
Coalforge's Impaler [&AgG/tgAA]
Coalforge's Greatbow [&AgHAtgAA]
Coalforge's Flanged Mace [&AgHBtgAA]
Coalforge's Revolver [&AgHCtgAA]
Coalforge's Musket [&AgHDtgAA]
Coalforge's Wand [&AgHEtgAA]
Coalforge's Bastion [&AgHFtgAA]
Coalforge's Short Bow [&AgHGtgAA]
Coalforge's Harpoon Gun [&AgHHtgAA]
Coalforge's Spire [&AgHItgAA]
Coalforge's Blade [&AgHJtgAA]
Coalforge's Brazier [&AgHKtgAA]

Crafted in the style of the ancient dwarven weaponsmith, Grand Mason Stonecleaver.

Weapon Code
Stonecleaver's Reaver [&AgHNtgAA]
Stonecleaver's Razor [&AgHOtgAA]
Stonecleaver's Artifact [&AgHPtgAA]
Stonecleaver's Calymore [&AgHQtgAA]
Stonecleaver's Warhammer [&AgHRtgAA]
Stonecleaver's Impaler [&AgHStgAA]
Stonecleaver's Greatbow [&AgHTtgAA]
Stonecleaver's Flanged Mace [&AgHUtgAA]
Stonecleaver's Revolver [&AgHVtgAA]
Stonecleaver's Musket [&AgHWtgAA]
Stonecleaver's Wand [&AgHXtgAA]
Stonecleaver's Bastion [&AgHYtgAA]
Stonecleaver's Short Bow [&AgHZtgAA]
Stonecleaver's Harpoon Gun [&AgHatgAA]
Stonecleaver's Spire [&AgHbtgAA]
Stonecleaver's Blade [&AgHctgAA]
Stonecleaver's Brazier [&AgHdtgAA]
Stonecleaver's Trident [&AgHetgAA]
Stonecleaver's Herald [&AgHftgAA]

Crafted in the style of the renowned norn smith, Beigarth.

Weapon Code
Beigarth's Reaver [&AgHgtgAA]
Beigarth's Razor [&AgHhtgAA]
Beigarth's Artifact [&AgHitgAA]
Beigarth's Calymore [&AgHjtgAA]
Beigarth's Warhammer [&AgHktgAA]
Beigarth's Impaler [&AgHltgAA]
Beigarth's Greatbow [&AgHmtgAA]
Beigarth's Flanged Mace [&AgHntgAA]
Beigarth's Revolver [&AgHotgAA]
Beigarth's Musket [&AgHptgAA]
Beigarth's Wand [&AgHqtgAA]
Beigarth's Bastion [&AgHrtgAA]
Beigarth's Short Bow [&AgHstgAA]
Beigarth's Harpoon Gun [&AgHttgAA]
Beigarth's Spire [&AgHutgAA]
Beigarth's Blade [&AgHvtgAA]
Beigarth's Brazier [&AgHwtgAA]
Beigarth's Trident [&AgHxtgAA]
Beigarth's Herald [&AgHytgAA]

Crafted in the style of the renowned Sylvari smith, Occam.

Weapon Code
Occam's Reaver [&AgHztgAA]
Occam's Razor [&AgH0tgAA]
Occam's Artifact [&AgH1tgAA]
Occam's Calymore [&AgH2tgAA]
Occam's Warhammer [&AgH3tgAA]
Occam's Impaler [&AgH4tgAA]
Occam's Greatbow [&AgH5tgAA]
Occam's Flanged Mace [&AgH6tgAA]
Occam's Revolver [&AgH7tgAA]
Occam's Musket [&AgH8tgAA]
Occam's Wand [&AgH9tgAA]
Occam's Bastion [&AgH+tgAA]
Occam's Short Bow [&AgH/tgAA]
Occam's Harpoon Gun [&AgEAtwAA]
Occam's Spire [&AgEBtwAA]
Occam's Blade [&AgECtwAA]
Occam's Brazier [&AgEDtwAA]
Occam's Trident [&AgEEtwAA]
Occam's Herald [&AgEFtwAA]

Crafted in the style of the holy Zintl hylek tribe.

Weapon Code
Zintl Reaver [&AgEGtwAA]
Zintl Razor [&AgEHtwAA]
Zintl Artifact [&AgEItwAA]
Zintl Calymore [&AgEJtwAA]
Zintl Warhammer [&AgEKtwAA]
Zintl Impaler [&AgELtwAA]
Zintl Greatbow [&AgEMtwAA]
Zintl Flanged Mace [&AgENtwAA]
Zintl Revolver [&AgEOtwAA]
Zintl Musket [&AgEPtwAA]
Zintl Wand [&AgEQtwAA]
Zintl Bastion [&AgERtwAA]
Zintl Short Bow [&AgEStwAA]
Zintl Harpoon Gun [&AgETtwAA]
Zintl Spire [&AgEUtwAA]
Zintl Blade [&AgEVtwAA]
Zintl Brazier [&AgEWtwAA]
Zintl Trident [&AgEXtwAA]
Zintl Herald [&AgEYtwAA]

Crafted in the style of the renowned charr engineer, Demolitionist Tonn.

Weapon Code
Tonn's Reaver [&AgEZtwAA]
Tonn's Razor [&AgEatwAA]
Tonn's Artifact [&AgEbtwAA]
Tonn's Calymore [&AgEctwAA]
Tonn's Warhammer [&AgEdtwAA]
Tonn's Impaler [&AgEetwAA]
Tonn's Greatbow [&AgEftwAA]
Tonn's Flanged Mace [&AgEgtwAA]
Tonn's Revolver [&AgEhtwAA]
Tonn's Musket [&AgEitwAA]
Tonn's Wand [&AgEjtwAA]
Tonn's Bastion [&AgEktwAA]
Tonn's Short Bow [&AgEltwAA]
Tonn's Harpoon Gun [&AgEmtwAA]
Tonn's Spire [&AgEntwAA]
Tonn's Blade [&AgEotwAA]
Tonn's Brazier [&AgEptwAA]
Tonn's Trident [&AgEqtwAA]
Tonn's Herald [&AgErtwAA]

Crafted in the style of the ancient centaur weaponsmith, Grif Ebonmane.

Weapon Code
Ebonmane's Reaver [&AgEstwAA]
Ebonmane's Razor [&AgEttwAA]
Ebonmane's Artifact [&AgEutwAA]
Ebonmane's Calymore [&AgEvtwAA]
Ebonmane's Warhammer [&AgEwtwAA]
Ebonmane's Impaler [&AgExtwAA]
Ebonmane's Greatbow [&AgEytwAA]
Ebonmane's Flanged Mace [&AgEztwAA]
Ebonmane's Revolver [&AgE0twAA]
Ebonmane's Musket [&AgE1twAA]
Ebonmane's Wand [&AgE2twAA]
Ebonmane's Bastion [&AgE3twAA]
Ebonmane's Short Bow [&AgE4twAA]
Ebonmane's Harpoon Gun [&AgE5twAA]
Ebonmane's Spire [&AgE6twAA]
Ebonmane's Blade [&AgE7twAA]
Ebonmane's Brazier [&AgE8twAA]
Ebonmane's Trident [&AgE9twAA]
Ebonmane's Herald [&AgE+twAA]

Crafted in the style of the renowned charr engineer, Tybalt Leftpaw.

Weapon Code
Leftpaw's Reaver [&AgE/twAA]
Leftpaw's Razor [&AgFAtwAA]
Leftpaw's Artifact [&AgFBtwAA]
Leftpaw's Calymore [&AgFCtwAA]
Leftpaw's Warhammer [&AgFDtwAA]
Leftpaw's Impaler [&AgFEtwAA]
Leftpaw's Greatbow [&AgFFtwAA]
Leftpaw's Flanged Mace [&AgFGtwAA]
Leftpaw's Revolver [&AgFHtwAA]
Leftpaw's Musket [&AgFItwAA]
Leftpaw's Wand [&AgFJtwAA]
Leftpaw's Bastion [&AgFKtwAA]
Leftpaw's Short Bow [&AgFLtwAA]
Leftpaw's Harpoon Gun [&AgFMtwAA]
Leftpaw's Spire [&AgFNtwAA]
Leftpaw's Blade [&AgFOtwAA]
Leftpaw's Brazier [&AgFPtwAA]
Leftpaw's Trident [&AgFQtwAA]
Leftpaw's Herald [&AgFRtwAA]

Crafted in the style of the ancient Angchu tengu tribe.

Weapon Code
Angchu Reaver [&AgFStwAA]
Angchu Razor [&AgFTtwAA]
Angchu Artifact [&AgFUtwAA]
Angchu Calymore [&AgFVtwAA]
Angchu Warhammer [&AgFWtwAA]
Angchu Impaler [&AgFXtwAA]
Angchu Greatbow [&AgFYtwAA]
Angchu Flanged Mace [&AgFZtwAA]
Angchu Revolver [&AgFatwAA]
Angchu Musket [&AgFbtwAA]
Angchu Wand [&AgFctwAA]
Angchu Bastion [&AgFdtwAA]
Angchu Short Bow [&AgFetwAA]
Angchu Harpoon Gun [&AgFftwAA]
Angchu Spire [&AgFgtwAA]
Angchu Blade [&AgFhtwAA]
Angchu Brazier [&AgFitwAA]
Angchu Trident [&AgFjtwAA]
Angchu Herald [&AgFktwAA]

Crafted in the style of the renowned charr meatsmith, Lakor Grizzlemouth.

Weapon Code
Grizzlemouth's Reaver [&AgFltwAA]
Grizzlemouth's Razor [&AgFmtwAA]
Grizzlemouth's Artifact [&AgFntwAA]
Grizzlemouth's Calymore [&AgFotwAA]
Grizzlemouth's Warhammer [&AgFptwAA]
Grizzlemouth's Impaler [&AgFqtwAA]
Grizzlemouth's Greatbow [&AgFrtwAA]
Grizzlemouth's Flanged Mace [&AgFstwAA]
Grizzlemouth's Revolver [&AgFttwAA]
Grizzlemouth's Musket [&AgFutwAA]
Grizzlemouth's Wand [&AgFvtwAA]
Grizzlemouth's Bastion [&AgFwtwAA]
Grizzlemouth's Short Bow [&AgFxtwAA]
Grizzlemouth's Harpoon Gun [&AgFytwAA]
Grizzlemouth's Spire [&AgFztwAA]
Grizzlemouth's Blade [&AgF0twAA]
Grizzlemouth's Brazier [&AgF1twAA]
Grizzlemouth's Trident [&AgF2twAA]
Grizzlemouth's Herald [&AgF3twAA]

Crafted in the style of the renowned asuran genius, Hronk.

Weapon Code
Hronk's Reaver [&AgF4twAA]
Hronk's Razor [&AgF5twAA]
Hronk's Artifact [&AgF6twAA]
Hronk's Calymore [&AgF7twAA]
Hronk's Warhammer [&AgF8twAA]
Hronk's Impaler [&AgF9twAA]
Hronk's Greatbow [&AgF+twAA]
Hronk's Flanged Mace [&AgF/twAA]
Hronk's Revolver [&AgGAtwAA]
Hronk's Musket [&AgGBtwAA]
Hronk's Wand [&AgGCtwAA]
Hronk's Bastion [&AgGDtwAA]
Hronk's Short Bow [&AgGEtwAA]
Hronk's Harpoon Gun [&AgGFtwAA]
Hronk's Spire [&AgGGtwAA]
Hronk's Blade [&AgGHtwAA]
Hronk's Brazier [&AgGItwAA]
Hronk's Trident [&AgGJtwAA]
Hronk's Herald [&AgGKtwAA]

Crafted in the style of the ancient Sunspear weaponsmith, Chorben.

Weapon Code
Chorben's Reaver [&AgGLtwAA]
Chorben's Razor [&AgGMtwAA]
Chorben's Artifact [&AgGNtwAA]
Chorben's Calymore [&AgGOtwAA]
Chorben's Warhammer [&AgGPtwAA]
Chorben's Impaler [&AgGQtwAA]
Chorben's Greatbow [&AgGRtwAA]
Chorben's Flanged Mace [&AgGStwAA]
Chorben's Revolver [&AgGTtwAA]
Chorben's Musket [&AgGUtwAA]
Chorben's Wand [&AgGVtwAA]
Chorben's Bastion [&AgGWtwAA]
Chorben's Short Bow [&AgGXtwAA]
Chorben's Harpoon Gun [&AgGYtwAA]
Chorben's Spire [&AgGZtwAA]
Chorben's Blade [&AgGatwAA]
Chorben's Brazier [&AgGbtwAA]
Chorben's Trident [&AgGctwAA]
Chorben's Herald [&AgGdtwAA]

Crafted in the style of the ancient Wupwup grawl tribe.

Weapon Code
Wupwup Reaver [&AgGetwAA]
Wupwup Razor [&AgGftwAA]
Wupwup Artifact [&AgGgtwAA]
Wupwup Calymore [&AgGhtwAA]
Wupwup Warhammer [&AgGitwAA]
Wupwup Impaler [&AgGjtwAA]
Wupwup Greatbow [&AgGktwAA]
Wupwup Flanged Mace [&AgGltwAA]
Wupwup Revolver [&AgGmtwAA]
Wupwup Musket [&AgGntwAA]
Wupwup Wand [&AgGotwAA]
Wupwup Bastion [&AgGptwAA]
Wupwup Short Bow [&AgGqtwAA]
Wupwup Harpoon Gun [&AgGrtwAA]
Wupwup Spire [&AgGstwAA]
Wupwup Blade [&AgGttwAA]
Wupwup Brazier [&AgGutwAA]
Wupwup Trident [&AgGvtwAA]
Wupwup Herald [&AgGwtwAA]

Crafted in the style of the ancient Luxon weaponsmith, Theodosus.

Weapon Code
Theodosus's Reaver [&AgGxtwAA]
Theodosus's Razor [&AgGytwAA]
Theodosus's Artifact [&AgGztwAA]
Theodosus's Calymore [&AgG0twAA]
Theodosus's Warhammer [&AgG1twAA]
Theodosus's Impaler [&AgG2twAA]
Theodosus's Greatbow [&AgG3twAA]
Theodosus's Flanged Mace [&AgG4twAA]
Theodosus's Revolver [&AgG5twAA]
Theodosus's Musket [&AgG6twAA]
Theodosus's Wand [&AgG7twAA]
Theodosus's Bastion [&AgG8twAA]
Theodosus's Short Bow [&AgG9twAA]
Theodosus's Harpoon Gun [&AgG+twAA]
Theodosus's Spire [&AgG/twAA]
Theodosus's Blade [&AgHAtwAA]
Theodosus's Brazier [&AgHBtwAA]
Theodosus's Trident [&AgHCtwAA]
Theodosus's Herald [&AgHDtwAA]

Crafted in the style of the ancient Shining Blade weaponsmith, Soros.

Weapon Code
Soros's Reaver [&AgHEtwAA]
Soros's Razor [&AgHFtwAA]
Soros's Artifact [&AgHGtwAA]
Soros's Calymore [&AgHHtwAA]
Soros's Warhammer [&AgHItwAA]
Soros's Impaler [&AgHJtwAA]
Soros's Greatbow [&AgHKtwAA]
Soros's Flanged Mace [&AgHLtwAA]
Soros's Revolver [&AgHMtwAA]
Soros's Musket [&AgHNtwAA]
Soros's Wand [&AgHOtwAA]
Soros's Bastion [&AgHPtwAA]
Soros's Short Bow [&AgHQtwAA]
Soros's Harpoon Gun [&AgHRtwAA]
Soros's Spire [&AgHStwAA]
Soros's Blade [&AgHTtwAA]
Soros's Brazier [&AgHUtwAA]
Soros's Trident [&AgHVtwAA]
Soros's Herald [&AgHWtwAA]

Crafted in the style of the ancient Kurzick weaponsmith, Mathilde.

Weapon Code
Mathilde's Reaver [&AgHXtwAA]
Mathilde's Razor [&AgHYtwAA]
Mathilde's Artifact [&AgHZtwAA]
Mathilde's Calymore [&AgHatwAA]
Mathilde's Warhammer [&AgHbtwAA]
Mathilde's Impaler [&AgHctwAA]
Mathilde's Greatbow [&AgHdtwAA]
Mathilde's Flanged Mace [&AgHetwAA]
Mathilde's Revolver [&AgHftwAA]
Mathilde's Musket [&AgHgtwAA]
Mathilde's Wand [&AgHhtwAA]
Mathilde's Bastion [&AgHitwAA]
Mathilde's Short Bow [&AgHjtwAA]
Mathilde's Harpoon Gun [&AgHktwAA]
Mathilde's Spire [&AgHltwAA]
Mathilde's Blade [&AgHmtwAA]
Mathilde's Brazier [&AgHntwAA]
Mathilde's Trident [&AgHotwAA]
Mathilde's Herald [&AgHptwAA]