LFG, Skyhammer and more in the updated dat file
Tuesday 28th of May 2013

Just a quick update about some stuff that can be found in the dat file after today's update (I've included the string codes for people who want to verify it).

The following models have been added (I'll try to get screenshots of the others later):

Two gemstore descriptions have been updated:
109636_0740     Each festive dragon coffer commonly contains candy, tonics, or fireworks. It may also rarely contain a Mini Holo Undead Dragon Knight, recipes, or a Dragon's Jade Weapon Skin Ticket.
109641_0697     Chop-It-All! Unlimited Logging.Limited Sale!
Some information on Skyhammer:
109814_0130     -Maintain control of the Skyhammer cannon to call down lightning and vaporize your foes.
109814_0145     Skyhammer Cannon Overcharged     
109814_0158     Skyhammer calibrated for Red Team.
109814_0161     Halt all movement. Experiment incoming.
109814_0163     Test subjects may experience dizziness, confusion, and death.
Looks like we will be able to gift items:
109710_0634     You have received a gift!
109710_0636     A gift from %str1%
But best of all, they are implementing a looking for group tool:
109814_0598     Click here to list your party for others to be able to search for.
109814_0599     You must select a filter from the left before you can advertise your group.
109814_0600     Your group is current listed for other players to find.
109828_0719     Filter descriptions
109828_0720     Refresh
109828_0721     Advertise Your Group
109828_0722     Group description
109828_0945     Join
109828_0959     Full
109828_0960     This group is currently full and cannot be joined.
109828_0961     Available Spot
109814_0106     Find others to help you in this month's Living World content.
109831_0726     Ascalonian Catacombs
                Story recommended level: 30
                Explorable recommended level: 35
109814_0107     Caudecus's Manor
                Story recommended level: 40
                Explorable recommended level: 45
109814_0108     Twlight Arbor
                Story recommended level: 50
                Explorable recommended level: 55
109814_0109     Sorrow's Embrace
                Story recommended level: 60
                Explorable recommended level: 65
109814_0110     Citadel of Flame
                Story recommended level: 70
                Explorable recommended level: 75
109814_0111     Honor of the Waves
                Story recommended level: 76
                Explorable recommended level: 80
109814_0112     Crucible of Eternity
                Story recommended level: 78
                Explorable recommended level: 80
109814_0113     The Ruined City of Arah
                Story recommended level: 80
                Explorable recommended level: 80
109814_0114     Entry-level Fractals with basic rewards.
109814_0115     Intermediate Fractals with better rewards and a chance of obtaining Ascended Rings.
109814_0116     Advanced Fractal levels with a chance of obtaining Infused Ascended Rings.
109814_0117     Rated PvP matches, for competitive play and leaderboard rating.
109814_0118     Unrated
109814_0119     Unrated PvP matches, for more casual play.
109814_0120     Eternal Battlegrounds
                Find a group to take supply camps, towers, or keeps in the Eternal Battlegrounds.
109814_0121     Red Borderlands
109814_0122     Red Borderlands
                Find a group to take supply camps, towers, or keeps in the Red Borderlands.
109814_0123     Blue Borderlands
109814_0124     Blue Borderlands
                Find a group to take supply camps, towers, or keeps in the Blue Borderlands.
109814_0125     Green Borderlands
109814_0126     Green Borderlands
                Find a group to take supply camps, towers, or keeps in the Green Borderlands.
109814_0127     Find players to help you through your personal story.
Edit: Added another screenshot
Edit 2: Added the information about gifts.