Gixxcel - A GW2 String extractor and archiver
Sunday 26th of May 2013

As you might have noticed I've mined a lot of gemstore items the last couple of weeks. A lot of people asked me how I obtained this information and the answer would be: Gixxcel , a custom build tool that decodes the GW2 strings and archives them.
I've spend a bit of time cleaning my messy code and decided to release it as an open source project. (Don't expect proper error handling or safe thread calling, it just does the job). Because I don't want to host binaries (executables) a simple how to get started.

  • Everything is written in C#, so make sure you have at least Visual C# Express 2010 (or higher) installed.
  • Download the source via your favorite SVN tool (if you are not familiar with SVN take a look at this)
  • Extract the string files from the dat archive (gw2browser)
  • Open the files in Gixxcel and you are ready to go.

Some basic instructions:

  • You can change the language and perform a basic search in the upper right corner of the toolbar.
  • Data will be stored in Appdata / Local / Gixxcell


SVN Link:

    svn checkout gixxcel-read-only

(And yes, my SVN trunk structure got a bit messed up, maybe I'll fix it later)